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The SooFoo Story - The Mighty Grains with a Strange Name

So what does this strange name mean?

The original blend of 9 premium ingredients includes 5 types of grains, 3 types of lentils, and brown rice.  It’s packed with 6g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving, is naturally sodium and cholesterol free, and is ideal for both vegan and kosher diets.

Better yet, all ingredients are Certified Organic, grown by US farmers, and packaged right here in California.  Incredibly versatile, you really can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Click here for SooFoo® Recipes.

Hold up though…there’s more to SooFoo® than it’s mighty grains and lentils.  There are the few but mighty people behind it, striving to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, while juggling very hectic home and work schedules. Sound familiar? Yep, we’re with you, and since eating SooFoo® helps keep us going strong, we know it will do the same for you. Click here for more on Healthy Living.

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