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Discovered a new product SooFoo – Super Good Food and made this for lunch today!! Vegan, low glycemic index, low sodium meal, AND delish! Get your on! The Vibrant Village encourages healing for your body

Hyomara H – Facebook

I am surprised more people haven’t reviewed SOOFOO. This is an organic and very tasty product. I will never eat plain white or brown rice again. Also, once it is cooked one pack can last you for a week.

In my personal use this is an amazing side packed with very healthy grains with no additives or preservatives. Other people use it in soups and stews.

It contains the following organic grains: Long Grain Brown Rice, Brown Lentils, Wheat Berries, Oats, Barley, Black Lentils, Rye Berris, Green Lentils, Buckwheat.

Cooking is very easy. Just Mix SooFoo with water at 1:2 ratio and add a pinch of salt and a table spoon of olive oil. I cook it on a stove and in 45 minutes it is ready to eat.

This is on of my subscribe and save items and I wish I knew about it earlier. They also sell it at WholeFoods for almost double the 12 pack price.


I love the taste alone, but is great to add to soups, chili, etc., to fortify them. It is so easy to prepare using a rice cooker!

Bridget – Amazon

Family members stayed with us last week and are now absolute fans of your products. They took some home to San Diego to show their local grocer and order it.

Don SEmail

My daughters and I finally tried our SooFoo – Super Good Food, they even asked for seconds!

I tasted it first and I told them “Just taste it and give it a chance.” I love food and giving it a chance, especially plain the first try. I’d definitely buy this product in the future, so I appreciate the coupons along with my win! Thanks

Today I tried it mixed with some scrambled eggs (cooked in butter with cheese added into the eggs), with berries on the side! So good! Thanks again SooFoo, this stuff is great!

[oh I added the cooked scrambled eggs on top of the warmed up SooFoo leftovers from last night, then just mixed them together]

Last night I made little Hard Boiled Egg Cups for the SooFoo to sit in, it is DEE-LISH! I am loving the SooFoo and eggs together! Thanks again for the BEST WIN Ever! I am happily enjoying this food SooFoo – Super Good Food Cooker and Quinoa blend!

Jamie R – Facebook

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